Bone ring technique

Speaker: Helfried Hulla

Originally broadcasted on: 14th March, 2016, 6:00 PM CET Other time zones

In this webinar both methods, autogenious and allogenious rings, and possible indications will be discussed.


To increase the vertical bone hight in the upper and lower jaw is always a big challenge for oral and maxillo facial surgeons.
Different areas enoral and extraoral can be used to harvest bone transplants to augmentate the bone defizit. All these techniques, using the patient’s bone for transplantation, need more operation time, have a donor site mobidity and a higher risk of post-operative pain and infection.
Therefore, during the last 3 years we treated more than 40 patients with the bone ring technique. Autologious and allogenious rings were used to treat different indications.


Helfried Hulla
Helfried HullaDate of Birth: September 16th, 1965, Bruck/Mur, Austria Business Address: Expertteam Graz, Heinrichstr. 54, A – Graz Zahnärzte Strass, Mureckerstr. 14, A – 8234 Stras Department of Prosthetics, Periodontology, Rest. Dentistry, Implantology Education:
  • Karl Franzens – University Graz, Medical School
  • University Vienna, Medical School
  • M.D. Awarded: March 1991
  • Karl Franzens University Graz, Dental School
  • D. M. D. Awarded: March 1997
  • Salzburg, St. Johanns Hospital
  • Maxillo Facial Surgeon, Awarded April 1999
  • University Clinic Hannover: Pediatric Surgery
  • Hospital D. Diakonissen Salzburg, Internal Medizine
  • Ospedale Magiore, Trieste, Dep. of Card. Surgery
  • University Clinic München, Dep. of Trauma. Surgery
  • Postgrad. Program: Dep. of Surgery LKH Wagna
  • Postgrad. Program: Dep. of Internal Med, Univ. Clin. Graz
  • Since 1999 Private Practice in Graz
  • Since 1999 Private Practice in Strass
  • Since 2015 External Member, University Clinic Graz, Dental School
Fields of Interest: Guided Bone Regeneration, Sinus Augmentation, Guided Implant Rehabilitation, Soft Tissue Management, Bone Transplant Therapy

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