New perspectives in bone augmentation. Single-stage augmentation and implantation

Speaker: Bernhard Giesenhagen

Originally broadcasted on: 11th May, 2017, 3:00 PM CEST Other time zones

Until now, a two-stage method has to be selected for the surgical treatment of 3-dimensional bone defects. Initially, the bone defect is to be reconstructed and implants are not inserted after a healing period of 6 months.


Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen has developed a technique which allows bone augmentation and implantation to be performed simultaneously in a single procedure. The bone ring technique is applicable for almost all indications, including sinus floor elevation. The entire treatment time can be reduced by several months, a re-entry is not required.
Application of allogenic bone rings can omit the harvesting of autologous bone and thus, simplify the surgical procedure.

Dr. Giesenhagen will present clinical data on the basis of 12 year experience to state the possibilities and limitations of the bone ring technique for vertical augmentation and the treatment of 3-dimensional bone defects.

Dental Webinar learning objectives

  • principles of functional and aesthetic implantology
  • lateral and vertical augmentation in compare
  • anatomical structures and different possibilities for bone harvesting
  • the bone ring technique step by step + video presentations
  • indications/limitations
  • soft tissue management, suture technique and postoperative care


Bernhard Giesenhagen
Bernhard Giesenhagen
  • Study dentistry at Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel
  • Academic partner of Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  • 2012: Private Clinic for Implantology in Kassel, Germany
  • 1980-2011: Dental practice in Melsungen, Germany
  • 2004: Developer of the Bone Ring Technique
  • Since 1996: Medical Director PRO-IMPLANT
  • Institute for Implantologie and education

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