The 3D construction of individually milled bone implants and transplants such as maxgraft® bonebuilder with Geomagic Freeform®

Speaker: Goran Nikoloski

Originally broadcasted on: 9th November, 2015, 7:00 PM CEST Other time zones

botiss biomaterials virtually designs a patient matched allogenic bone implant based on the CT/DVT-scans of the bone defect. The design of the bone implant undergoes the final inspection by the clinical user and is, by individual order, released for production.


The botiss biomaterials partner Cells+ Tissuebank Austria receives a *stl milling file and the patient matched allogenic bone implant is produced under cleanroom conditions. The resulting allogenic bone implant is ready to be inserted into the defect with only minor adjustments.

  • Introduction – maxgraft® bonebuilder
  • The process flow – from 3D scan until the finished block
  • Medical imaging: CBCT and DICOM – requirements
  • Preparation and uploading of 3D files
  • CAD/CAM software – from DICOM to STL data
  • CAD modeling and CAM process
  • 3D print model “maxgraft® bonebuilder dummy”
  • Clinical proceed step-by-step

Participants will learn more about the 3D construction of customized allogenic block transplants. 


Goran Nikoloski
Goran Nikoloski
  • Senior Product Specialist Allografts
  • Seit 2012 Produktspezialist für allografts und botiss biomaterials, Koordinator und Planer für maxgraft® bonebuilder
  • 2001-2012 Zahntechniker in Berlin
  • 2014 zertifizierter „Straumann Visual CARES“ software Spezialist
  • 2013 zertifizierter „3shape“ software Spezialist
  • 2012 zertifizierter „Geomagic FreeForm“ software Spezialist

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