World of Regeneration

Speaker: Arturo Robertazzi

Originally broadcasted on: 17th March, 2017, 10:00 AM CET Other time zones

During this webinar, a detailed overview of the botiss products is presented along with a discussion of the scientific/clinical evidence that demonstrates the safety, efficacy and reliability of the botiss biomaterials portfolio.


The products of the botiss regeneration system have proven their success in terms of safety, efficacy, and reliability in a multitude of preclinical and clinical studies and, most importantly, in the daily clinical work, with hundreds of thousands of patients world-wide. In this webinar, an in-depth overview of the botiss biomaterials is presented with a focus on star products such as cerabone®, mucoderm® and Jason® membrane.


Arturo Robertazzi
Arturo RobertazziDr. Robertazzi is an experienced researcher in chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics. During his PhD program at the University of Cardiff in the UK, he extensively studied the relationship between anti-cancer drugs and biological macromolecules, focusing on the interaction between DNA and experimental platinum-based drugs. He continued his scientific research in three different countries and Academic Institutions, working on systems of biological relevance.

During his scientific carrier, Dr. Robertazzi published more than 30 articles in International high-level scientific journals, is the co-author of three books, and participated as a speaker to several conferences.

As a scientific advisor at botiss, Dr. Robertazzi’s current main focus is to initiate and strengthen scientific/educational collaborations at an International level. To this end, Dr. Robertazzi collaborates with Internationally renowned clinicians and researchers, regularly holds lectures in several countries/languages about bone and tissue regeneration, evaluates/coordinates research projects, and supports the organization of International events and congresses.

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